No Touching Ground


In the winter of 2009 the artist team consisting of NKO, No Touching Ground and Photographer Dan Hawkins set out to document an installation in an abandoned warehouse in South Seattle. 

This graphic and sculptural installation took place within the many rooms of the second floor of the abandoned warehouse, which was slated for demolition. 

The artwork was created as an homage to the warehouse, a memorial for the soon to be demolished building.  Emphasizing the architecture and mood of the building, as well as a series of 19 wooden crosses photographed from a native cemetery in Alaska, that were  produced into graphics and adhered onto found materials from around the site. 

The artwork was completed in the spring of 2010 and left to rest undisturbed until demolition. 

In the fall of 2010, the warehouse known as Sunny Jims caught fire, burning for over 24 hours, and the demolition of what was left took place immediately afterwards.  

*all photos: Dan Hawkins